Stephen o Donnell

My name is Stephen o Donnell. 

I come from Donegal which is the very north west of Ireland. I have been competing in sheep dog trials for the last 37 years. 

I was lucky enough to make the Irish team in 2009 and 2016 . I also was on the Irish team that was in Hoogwoud in 2017 for the world trial . 

I’m married to Caroline and have 4 children. I have a small flock of sheep which are the Scottish blackface breed . I also love soccer and I’m a big Liverpool fan. Looking forward to seeing you all in July.

Paul O Donnell

Hi. Paul O Donnell is my name. 

Younger brother to Stephen but have since relocated to the eastern side of Ireland from Donegal. Now living in Wicklow

I spend most of my time between my job which is not farming related and shepherding 500 ewes on a nearby estate. I also run a small flock of blackface and cheviot sheep. I first went to the post at 12 years of age and trialled through my teenage years. Due to travel and work commitments I stopped trialing at 19 but was fortunate to return to it in my mid 30s.

Since this my greatest achievement was to be crowned 2018 Irish National Champion an finish 5th and 8th in the international and Supreme respectively.

I’m looking forward to this great opportunity to judge in the Netherlands and view the talented dogs and handlers that are there.